Big wednesday

As soon as I advertised my intentions of going to Glencoe boarding, the gods conspired against me.

My son felt to sick for basketball training on the evening prior to my intended day on the shred and there was a good chance he would have to stay off school the next day and then the clutch rams on the van failed leaving no transport.

So, sitting at home looking at the web cams:- with top to bottom riding on 2 feet of fresh snow, blue skies, light winds in Scotland, are the things dreams are made of.

But the snowboarding gods have been smiling on me the last month with two separate weeks in the 3 Valley’s and 2 Alps in France. The oldest son has came on leaps and now knows no bounds. His carving is dialed and he is starting to look at the the hill for sweet spots and hits.

So, I guess I really cant complain….

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