Life without sugar

Five years ago my life changed when I removed sugar from my diet.

Not in a “lets be trendy fashionable thing”,  but in trying to reduce my big red beetroot head. My wife sent me for food intolerance test to see if this showed I had an intolerance to something. Not very scientific, but at the time I was removing lots of food groups from my diet and still had a big beetroot head.  On the day of the test, I discovered that I had the worst sugar intolerance that this woman had ever seen.

After a month of no sugar I was catatonic and unable to hold a conversation. However, five years down the sugarless road, my different moods are gradual instead of wrecking ball swings. What you have to understand though, when sugar was in my diet it was like I was a human power ball bouncing about unable to stop, control my actions, constantly full on when not in a “sugar come down” depression.

Sugar, fruit, fruit juice, sweets, salad dressing, yogurts…… etc. – Everything containing sugar has been removed from diet.

My heart starts banging and my hands shake with a small amount of sugar these days. Before I was unable to step away from the biscuits or chocolates until they were all in my belly or I was sick. I now no longer have the urge to eat anything sweet because of the known effects a sugar rush creates followed by a 24hr depression where I will be unable to communicate with anyone in my immediate surroundings.

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